Our Opposition

Boise is overtaxed.

  • Over 50 percent of property in Boise is already off the tax rolls.
  • Citizens have to pick up the exploding costs of government.
  • If this project happens, Boise will have a financial black hole.

Taxpayers take the risk.

  • These are out-of-town owners who want us to pay for the stadium.
  • They will reap the financial gains from getting to develop the area.
  • Private investors would make all the money while we pay the costs.

These projects fail.

  • Stockton, Hartford, Newark, Pearl, Arlington, Miami — the record is clear.
  • There is abundant reporting on the financial dangers these projects bring.
  • Federal legislation has been proposed to BAN what Boise is considering.

The demand isn’t there.

  • The Boise/Meridian/Nampa area can barely sustain the teams we have now.
  • Experienced people know that our population cannot sustain a new stadium.
  • Our weather means this stadium will sit idle, unused, for much of the year.

The current location works.

  • The fairgrounds has plenty of room to build a new Memorial Stadium.
  • There is already abundant parking and infrastructure at the fairgrounds.
  • The location is much more centrally located for all Valley residents.